Go to Israel.

Walk where Jesus walked and be an ambassador of what Israel has to offer to the world.

Why go to Israel?

Your Israel Experience

Our faith is as real as the miracle of Israel's existence that was prophesied in the Scriptures thousands of years ago. 

Come with us to the most important country in all of human history, and the single most influential place that has impacted your life. It was the home of the prophets, the origin of our faith, the birthplace of the gospels and the very place where the Jewish Rabbi Jesus walked. 

Let us take you on your journey of discovery to walk together where Jesus walked, and see the modern day miracle come alive that was foretold by the prophets thousands of years ago.

Join us to go deeper in God, as we connect with the land and the people where our faith originated. 




stunning image of Jerusalem with decorative palm leaves and the words 'land of promise' sitting on top

The Feast of Tabernacles

Our ICEJ FEAST TOUR 2022 Itinerary and Registrations are open now!

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Feast and Israel Tour

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