What global leaders say about ICEJ.

Israeli Leaders

Benjamin Netanyahu,
Israeli Prime Minister

"I came here to thank you for your support in our great endeavour. It has been consistent. It has been unreserved - it has been very, very effective. The State of Israel is stronger because of your support."

Ariel Sharon,
Former Israeli Prime Minister

"Your presence here in Israel is a strong message for the whole world. Your solidarity and friendship is important for us - very important."

Nir Barkat,
Mayor of Jerusalem

“It warms our heart here in Jerusalem to see the support and love you all have for our city...to see you come here as pilgrims supporting Jerusalem, by being here and by praying for us...Your solidarity here today is very meaningful for us."

Jewish Leaders

Ron Lauder,
President of the World Jewish Congress

"Thank you again. Thank you for your continuous support of the Jewish people. Thank you my Christian brothers and sisters for standing with Israel. The same people who go after us, are also going after you. That is why Christians and Jews must join forces and act together. We must always remember our shared values and our shared task. In Paul's second letter to Timothy he wrote: God did not give us the spirit of fear, but the spirit of power - that is exactly what we say in the Torah. We must not be afraid, we must find strength. Do not fear, have courage, have strength, and as one, Christians and Jews will be strengthened together, and we will - we will not fail."

Rabbi David Rosen,
Int. Director of Inter-religious Affairs

"Today Jews and Christians are rediscovering the unique biblically rooted relationship that binds them together and are building bridges across the tragic chasm of hostility of the past millennia. The ICEJ plays a vital role in this process through its loving solidarity with Israel and the Jewish people."

Rabbi Shlomo Riskin,
Founding Rabbi of Lincoln Square Synagogue

"I always marvel at the thousands of Christian pilgrims you bring to Israel from countries throughout the world during the Festival of Tabernacles. Abraham, the father of a multitude of nations, is the father of both of us. May we continue to march together as siblings in order to bring the Abrahamic vision of a God of love, morality and peace to a fragile world."

ICEJ International Board

Ingolf Ellssel – Chairman
Dr. Jürgen Bühler – President
Susan Michael
Dag Juliussen
Malcolm Hedding
Mosy Madugba
Joseph Chou

ICEJ International Advisory Council

Pastor Jack Hayford
Rev. Reinhard Bonnke
Dr. Billy Wilson
Wayne Hilsden
Allen Jackson
Suzette Hattingh
Daniel Kolenda
Samuel Rodriguez
Angus Buchan
Rene Terra Nova
John Kelly
Sandor Nemeth
Jane Hansen Hoyt

Late Israeli Leaders

Yitzhak Rabin,
The Late Israeli Prime Minister

"Allow me to tell you how much I and Israel appreciate your presence here in Jerusalem, especially during these difficult days. Israel has experienced through her existence many difficulties. Therefore whenever we see people that care, that are involved, and who show this by deeds and by words - we appreciate this."

Menachem Begin,
The Late Israeli Prime Minister

"Your decision to establish your embassy in Jerusalem at a time when we are being abandoned because of our faith was an act of courage and a symbol of the closeness between us. Your gestures and acts gave us the feeling that we were not alone."

Teddy Kollek,
The Late Mayor of Jerusalem

“We thank you all for being here, for coming here faithfully every year. Your faith gives us strength. We know that you are many but we know that you are representing many, many more."


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