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19,August,2017:,Beautiful,Green,Vineyards,In,Tuscany,With,Farm ICEJ 2023 Directors Updates Tammuz

God Hears Our Prayers 🙏

Tammuz is the beginning of summer and grapes are beginning to ripen. Tammuz incudes both distressing and uplifting Biblical events, but we remember that the LORD is ready to hear

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Oswiecim,,Poland,-,April,16,,2015:,Holocaust,Remembrance,Day,Next ICEJ Directors Updates Antisemitism Sarah Way 2023

The Insanity of Antisemitism

Sadly, antisemitism has not just survived in the post-Holocaust era, it has thrived. David Parsons discusses why this dangerous belief has remained, and a Christian response to it.

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Jerusalem Day ICEJ Sarah way Directors updates 2023

Rejoice With Jerusalem!

I write this from the beautiful city of Jerusalem amidst the joyous celebrations of Jerusalem Day! There is no other place on earth that has a destiny comparable to Israel.

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Glorify the Lord in the coastlands Isaiah ICEJ Sarah Way 2023

Special Update! A Divine Week

ICEJ Australia has been up to a lot recently! Some team members represented ICEJ to Fiji’s officials. We observed Israel’s Holocaust Memorial Day (Yom Hazikaron), which on the same day

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ANZAC day 2023 Directors Update Sarah Way Jeremiah

Special Commemorations

ANZAC day will be commemorated in Australia and NZ. The ANZACs contributed to the victory in Palestine 1917, and their bravery led to the restoration of the Land of Israel.

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Yudit Setz Hafia Home Holocaust remembrance ICEJ Sarah way 2023

Israel’s Holocaust Memorial Day

On April 17th and 18th, Israel remember those who were murdered in the Holocaust. Yudit Setz coordinates ICEJ’s Haifa Home, which continues to demonstrate care for Holocaust Survivors.

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Remembering redemption passover ICEJ 2023 Sarah way

Remembering Redemption

Passover is about remembering, deliverance, cleansing, and becoming the set-apart people of God. We wish our Jewish readers Hag Pesach sameach, as we celebrate Passover and remember Jesus’ death and

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Directors Update Sarah Way Passover Aid Aliyah

Willing Hearts

Each year, the journey from slavery to freedom is commemorated during Passover. Everyone has a chance to participate in this unique opportunity, to prepare a place for the presence of

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