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Know the truth. Know Israel. Know God.

Why we exist as your Embassy

In 1980 as the Arab League forced the Nations of the world to leave Jerusalem, the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem was established to be a visible presence of love and comfort from Christians around the world to the people of Israel.

When the Nations of the World closed their embassy doors in Jerusalem, we opened ours and continue to stand with the nation of Israel and the Jewish people.

What the ICEJ does around the World

Through the ICEJ Christians from 176 countries are empowered to speak their support for Israel and the Jewish people.

With branches in 91 countries we assist Christians to make a strong and meaningful connection to Israel and the Jewish people. 

Our focus is to reach all generations, but to especially reach the NextGeneration. We exist to connect the Church with Israel. We want to empower all to be educated and to educated all about Israel and its much needed support. 

We exist to bless Israel and the Jewish people.

We speak the truthadvance social justice and empower people with bible-based advocacy for Israel.

What we believe

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Sarah Way

A Message from our Director

Know God. Know Israel. Know the Truth.

Hi - I'm thrilled to welcome you here. Join with us to fulfil God's purpose in connecting the Church with Israel, to comfort and bless the Jewish people. 

We are living in some of the most exciting times in history, and we have the opportunity to partner with God to see biblical prophecy fulfilled. Let’s unite in this cause to pray for, bless and support Israel and the Jewish people through our ICEJ AID, ALIYAH and ADVOCACY impact divisions.

We are here to serve and empower the Australian Church, its pastors, and the wider community, to understand and share the significance of Israel by communicating the truth of the Bible, about Israel, and all of its unique and diverse people.

Great things lie ahead of us. Let's partner together in prayer and resources to fulfil God's word written thousands of years ago, which is now being fulfilled before our eyes. Christians and Jews standing together in an unbreakable bond of unity as we as serve the same God and heal the world together

We look forward to connecting personally with you at one of our events, tours or through our website. Please contact us directly for me to come and speak at your church.

God bless!

Sarah Way
ICEJ Australia National Director


The support of Holocaust Survivors, terror relief and educational aid programs across Israel

ICEJ AID Impact Division

We build relationships, foster reconciliation, cultural mediation and reach out with God’s love by responding to the social needs in Israel that are presented to us every single day

Through the projects that we do, we help to provide a better future for the people of Israel and to reach out with hope to those who need it most. Our qualified social services and aid teams act as the hands and feet of Christians around the world in bringing comfort and blessing to Israel. 

We deliver aid across Israel through our Haifa Holocaust Survivor Home, aid programs, as well as terror relief and crisis programs, even to its surrounding neighbours. This valuable act of reconciliation and love is personal, inclusive and engages with individuals, community leaders, municipal authorities and charitable institutions throughout the mosaic of Israeli society. 

Today’s overwhelming social needs give us an unprecedented opportunity to comfort Israel. With your support and our extensive experience and our formally recognised  infrastructure your gift to the people of Israel bears great fruit.


The Return of the Jews from around the World as fulfilment of Bible Prophecy

ICEJ ALIYAH Impact Division

We have been assisting Jews return to Israel from all around the world since we were founded in 1980. To date we have helped over 140,000 Jews make Aliyah to Israel.

In 2017 alone we helped more than 3,000 and during our almost 40 years of existence nearly every year we have helped approximately 10% of all the Jews coming back to Israel. We do it because we believe it’s the hand of God that scattered them and is gathering them back in again (Jeremiah 31:10). He invites to partner with Him by carrying the Jews home on our shoulders and in our arms (Isaiah 9:42). We are invited to play a role in this Bible prophecy, in the restoration of Israel. 

This is why it is so important for Christians to see the Jews come back to their homeland. God says He is going to plant them in the land with all His heart and all His soul and ICEJ responds to His call with with all our heart and soul.


The teaching of biblical truths about Israel, public advocacy and combatting anti-Semitism

ICEJ ADVOCACY Impact Division

To fulfil our mandate, we engage in various forms of pro-Israel advocacy around the globe. Through our faith-based diplomacy, we are building support and understanding for Israel and her just cause on all continents, both in the Christian and secular worlds. We are also working to combat anti-Semitism and to defend Israel against media bias, unfair treatment and double standards in the international community

In light of the constant efforts to slander and delegitimatise Israel worldwide, we believe it is important for Christians to come alongside the Jewish state and people today to stand up for truth and righteousness.


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