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Pray with us for the nation of Israel! At the ICEJ we believe prayer is the engine of our ministry and should touch every part of what we are doing in Israel and around the world! We want you, our partners, to engage with us in prayer via our multiple different prayer initiatives throughout the month and make the maximum impact in praying for God’s land and His people in these trying times.

There are many opportunities to be part of the ICEJ family in prayer. 

Rosh Chodesh Globel & Australian Watch Prayer Groups - ICEJ Australia

Israel Crisis Global 24/7 Prayer Meetings

On the the 7th of October 2023, Israel was brutally attacked by the terrorist group Hamas which continues on to this day still. Israels President, Isaac Herzog is referring to the 2023 Simchat Torah Attack as the worst day in Jewish history since the Holocaust.

Israel desperately needs our prayers. This is a spiritual battle, so rise up prayer warriors! The Lord of Heaven’s Armies is awaiting the cries of heartfelt prayers.

As a response to this, ICEJ is now conducting an ongoing 24/7 prayer watch for Israel.

We currently have two Australian weekly prayer watch time slots you are invited to join: Join us on Zoom (AEST) Tuesdays 12-1pm, and Wednesdays 5-6am.

Alternatively you can join the daily prayer meeting where over 1,400 people gather with ICEJ Jerusalem leadership & other global ministry leaders at 11pm AEST (4pm Israel time), for a powerful time of prayer.

Join us in prayer each week as we prayer over the nation of Israel by clicking one of the buttons below to join your preferred time slot,

What Is Rosh Chodesh?

Rosh Chodesh, or the festival of the new moon, is the beginning of the new Biblical month when the new moon appears. It was given to the Jewish people at Mt Sinai, where special sacrifices were to be offered to mark the beginning of the new month (Numbers 28: 11-15). It also became a time when the Israelites would consult the Hebrew prophets (2 Kings 4:23). In addition, this joyous day featured the blast of a trumpet blown on the pinnacle of the Temple in Jerusalem to announce the arrival of the new month.

In a similar manner, ICEJ will be ‘blowing the trumpet’ from Jerusalem to call for a special time of prayer and seeking the Lord each week. Keep watch on this page for updated meeting times & our Zoom links above!

Isaiah 62 Prayer

Isaiah 62 Global Prayer Gathering

ISAIAH 62 is a unique passage in the scriptures because it calls upon the people of God to give Him no rest until He establishes Jerusalem as “a praise in the earth” (Isaiah 62:6-7).

Like Watchman on the walls of Jerusalem the people of God are to stand watch on behalf of Israel. This essentially means embracing regular prayer and intercession for Israel, for blessing, for protection against those that seek to harm her and for her redemption.

This call to prayer also means praying for the Arab nations in the region that they too would be blessed and delivered from the chaos that presently besets the region. The scripture commands us…

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem: they shall prosper that love thee.” ~Psalm 122:6

You may join Jerusalem each Thursday 4pm Israel time, as the leadership, respected Christian pastors and ministry leaders from Israel and worldwide are brought together for a time of prayer and worship. You can also download the monthly prayer points for your own prayer or for use in an Isaiah 62 group. Contact the office if you are interested in forming an Isaiah 62 prayer group.

This month's Isaiah 62 prayer points

Israel Menorah - A Nation Alone
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Why We Stand With Israel

In many ways, Israel has stood alone as a nation for thousands of years. The recent ruling by the International Court of Justice has outrageously declared Israel to be guilty of genocide. ICEJ stand against this ruling, and we stand with Israel.

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The Insanity of Antisemitism

One of the sad outcomes of history is that antisemitism has not just survived in the post-Holocaust era, it has thrived. One would have thought that when the depravities of the Nazi genocide against the Jews of Europe were exposed after World War II, such vile hatred would have disappeared. Alas, it has come back in waves and without any shame.

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Yom Yerushalayim – Jerusalem Day

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The Word and Fire of God

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