Give Hope!

Children & Youth at Risk

It’s a shock for people to first hear that although Israel places a high priority on family life, about 25% of Israel’s youth are still considered at risk. 

These at-risk youth have often encountered unstable or unsafe living situations, the death or illness of a parent, and other traumas.

The ICEJ brings practical aid in a number of ways such as supporting children’s homes, providing educational programs, counselling and trauma therapy.  Your gift to the ICEJ Future and a Hope fund will impact Israel’s youth in the following ways;

Children’s Homes/Rural Communities

  • Living Space and Equipment Upgrades
  • Clothing and basic items

Education Programs

  • Mentorship and Leadership training
  • Social volunteering
  • Tutoring to close educational gaps
  • Practical skills learning

Social Cohesion & Coexistence

  • Bringing children from different backgrounds including Jews, Arabs, Bedouins and Druze, together for fun children’s activities.
  • Meet in educational frameworks that encourage new friendships.

ICEJ Aid for at-risk girls on the streets

Children and Youth at Risk