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Vocational Education & Support

ICEJ supports many families struggling with economic difficulties. Despite an appearance of prosperity, the majority of Israelis are employed in what is called Israel’s second economy- the domestic market within Israel that experiences low growth, high turnover, and very low wages.

Most Israelis working in this “second economy” do not have the skills to transition into new and better employment opportunities leaving many of them either working poor or on the doorstep of poverty. ICEJ is coming alongside these struggling families and is working to combat these challenges by helping low-skilled workers increase their skills, thus enabling them to increase their income. 

By providing vocational training, subsidies for small businesses, and mentorship programs, the ICEJ is working to build a stronger economy by creating more skilled workers. ICEJ’s assistance also includes Vocational Training and Educational Programs for disadvantaged groups such as single mothers and young Arab professionals amongst others and mentoring young single-parent families towards a stable future.

Education and Economic Empowerment

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