Comforting the People of Israel for over 40 Years
‘Comfort, comfort my people, say’s your God.’ Isaiah 40:1

Our Impact

Lasting impact through your support.

As we teach the truth regarding God’s purpose for Israel a paradigm shift unfolds. After 2,000 years of Anti-Semitism including Christian voices a change of heart and mind must be worked through and expressed without fear or favour.

As Christians take their rightful position to bring a positive message of faith, hope & love – we become an active voice of reconciliation between Jews, Christians, and Arabs, which can bless the entire world.

Because of your generous support we are able to impact Israel in the following ways


Holocaust Survivor Home, Social welfare, educational programs, humanitarian aid providing a Future & Hope to disadvantaged families both Jew, Arab and minority groups across Israel.


Today’s overwhelming social needs give us an unprecedented opportunity to comfort Israel. We reach out with hope to those who need it most. Our qualified social services and aid teams deliver aid which impacts youth at risk, ensures food parcel delivery for disadvantaged families and supports educational programs for minority groups among many other needs. Our Holocaust Survivor Home is a very special ministry of love and support for elderly survivors. We support with terror relief and crisis programs and have donated over 150 portable bomb shelters to vulnerable border communities.


The Return of the Jews from around the World as fulfilment of Bible Prophecy.

ICEJ Aliyah

Aliyah is the return, or immigration, of Jews back to Israel, their historical homeland, from around the world as fulfillment of Biblical prophecy. Aliyah is a Hebrew word meaning ‘ascending’ in a spiritual sense, the ‘act of going up’ towards Jerusalem. We are privileged to contribute to it and believe it was the hand of God that scattered them, and He is gathering them back in again (Jeremiah 31:10). To date we have helped over 150,000 Jews make Aliyah to Israel, assisting with transport and flights and integration support programs for those who need it most (from Ethiopia, Ukraine, Russia, Europe.) God invites us to partner with Him by carrying the Jews home on our shoulders and in our arms (Isaiah 9:42).


The teaching of biblical truths about Israel, public advocacy and combatting anti-Semitism.

ICEJ Advocacy

Teaching the biblical truths about Israel, public advocacy and combating antisemitism is an important part of our mandate. Through our faith-based diplomacy, we build support and understanding for Israel and her right to exist, contrary to much international opinion. The ICEJ is called to confront the rising tide of hostility that threatens the nation of Israel and the Jewish community worldwide. Islamic extremism is not just a threat to Israel but is responsible for the persecution of Christians and oppression of women throughout the Middle East. We are confronting anti-Semitism worldwide through advocacy, accurate news reports and education.

Connecting the Church with Israel

(For over 40 years)

Together with the global church, we can fulfill our biblical mandate to comfort, stand by and pray for Israel though our Aid, Aliyah and Advocacy. The ICEJ globally represents millions of Christians, churches, and denominations who recognise the restoration of the State of Israel represents God’s faithfulness to keep His ancient covenant with the Jewish people. It also serves to remind the Church worldwide of her responsibility in the nations to partner with God’s purposes for His Chosen people and their ancient homeland. 

We are here to serve and empower the Australian Church, its pastors and the wider community by communicating the biblical truth regarding God’s purposes for Israel, the unique calling of the Jewish people and the many challenges they face.

We aim to equip and teach the worldwide Church though our webinars, articles, and reports. We also host events both in Australia and Israel such as, Envision Conference for Pastors and Leaders, Arise Tour for Young Adults, and the annual Christian celebration of the Feast of Tabernacles that draws thousands of pilgrims to Jerusalem.

Our Biblical Mandate

Join your voice with ours and become part of the Christian witness God is raising up to stand with and bring comfort to Israel today!

Aliyah and Integration

We’re partnering with the God of Israel who promised through the prophet Jeremiah, to bring the Jewish people back to their homeland and help them settle be strong and flourish.

Israel in Crisis

Over the decades Israel has faced many urgent crises, conflicts and natural disasters. The ICEJ has quickly responded to help Israel through each crisis.

A Future & A Hope

We are strengthening less-fortunate Israeli families, offering them educational and economic empowerment, supporting children from broken homes and youths at risk, assisting struggling new immigrants and promoting coexistence.

Holocaust Survivors

We believe that Jewish Holocaust survivors deserve to live out the remainder of their lives in dignity and comfort. We are partnering with Israelis in the land to provide for their every need.

Fighting Antisemitism

Globally, Antisemitism is at unprecedented levels and we are working to fight this injustice via advocacy, education, and organised events wherever it is found.

Prayer Initiatives

We believe prayer is the engine of our ministry and should impact every initiative we are taking on behalf of Israel. We want you to engage with us in prayer.

Young Adults

We believe the emerging generation are the future advocates for Israel. We are working via educational tours and youth events to ensure they know the truth about Israel today.


The world is full of disinformation about Israel. Across all of our publications, ICEJ aim to be a hub for accurate and biblically sound knowledge pertaining to Israel.

Feast of Tabernacles 2024

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