Prophecy Fulfilled and Prophecy to Come

Prophetic Times

Prophecy fulfilled and prophecy to come are clearly set out in the scriptures pointing to Messiah’s appearance, the Feasts of the LORD and other themes. Click here for excellent teachings.

Former Mayor Jerusalem Teddy Kollek opening ICEJ History

Calling All Nations

A group of international Christians living in Jerusalem in the 70’s decided to establish a permanent expression of Christian support for Israel and its claim

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Festivals of Deliverance

The Jewish holidays of Purim and Passover are both stories of God’s amazing deliverance for the people of Israel, yet in totally different ways.

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C41 ICEJ 3


The date, October 31st remains in the history books as “the last great cavalry, and the finest in history” as 800 heroic men and their

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passover dinner the divine intervention icej


Passover is an amazing story of miracles and deliverance, but that first Passover also has broader lessons for us today.

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