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Biblical Teachings

Christian history towards the Jewish people has been one of misunderstanding and ignorance. It led to shameful anti-Semitism that resulted in pogroms, expulsions, massacres, and other actions in the name of Christianity. In recent decades evangelical Christianity has recognised the Church’s responsibility to bless Israel (Genesis 15) to comfort her Isaiah 40:1 and repay the debt of gratitude we owe Romans 15:26–27.

What is Christian Zionism ICEJ Australia

What is Christian Zionism?

The term “Zionism” has been turned into a negative word by Israel’s enemies, “Christian Zionism” is also under attack and often misrepresented in the media

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ICEJ Australia Jesus and the Palestinians

Jesus and the Palestinians

For many decades, Evangelical support for Israel seemed rock solid. Today, however, many younger Christians in Western churches are hesitant to give Israel the same

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why Christians support Israel

Why Christians Support Israel

Why should Christians support Israel? Here are 10 reasons why the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem was established in 1980 to stand with and comfort Israel.

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