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For those who want to have a deeper understanding of the nation of Israel, its biblical and modern history, its many accomplishments and struggles, as well as its diverse peoples and unique landscapes, we invite you to discover Israel with us. The modern-day restoration of Israel is of great prophetic significance, and we help you understand why. It is a nation reborn through many trials and tears, and yet it is blessing the world with amazing technological, agricultural and medical advances. 

Let the ICEJ share with you about how this is all taking place in our day.

Biblical Teachings - Why Support Israel?

Christian history towards the Jewish people has been one of misunderstanding and ignorance. It led to shameful anti-Semitism that resulted in pogroms, expulsions, massacres, and other actions in the name of Christianity. In recent decades evangelical Christianity has recognised the Church’s responsibility to bless Israel (Genesis 15) to comfort her (Isaiah 40:1) and repay the debt of gratitude we owe, Romans 15:26–27.

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Life in Israel

The Restoration of Israel is a truly remarkable story and one that attests to the faithfulness of God. There are fascinating lessons from the land itself as well as the dynamics that make up life in Israel.

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Prophetic Times

Prophecy fulfilled and prophecy to come are clearly set out in the Feasts of the LORD and in scriptures about Messiah’s appearance. Click here for excellent teachings.

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