Australia Represented in Evangelical Leaders Tour

By Jonathan Parsons. Published 1/3/2024

ICEJ Evangelical Leaders Tour 2024 Group photo with Mark Mudri
Group shot of Global Evangelical Leaders

In late January, the International Christian Embassy had the privilege of hosting a special solidarity mission to Israel for Church overseers from Australia, Canada, Indonesia, Nigeria and the UK. This followed a request from Israeli authorities to invite influential Christian Evangelical Leaders to Israel.

Australia was represented by ICEJ Board member Mark Mudri chair of the Global Council of Advocates International representing over 30,000 legal professionals in 150 nations. He had long desired to go to Israel but had not anticipated that for his first trip he had be on his way within a few days of hearing the call to attend this, the Global Israel Leadership.

Mark’s 20 years interaction with intercessors and prayer warriors makes him keenly appreciative of the necessity strategic action to be combined with prayer and he relates how he left Australia with the knowledge that prayer surrounded him.

In Israel he was privileged to witness the tremendous impact and encouragement the visit had on Israeli military and governmental leaders. He gave an example from the delegates’ visit to the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the Knesset where a heavy mood permeated the room with the breaking news of 24 soldiers killed in an ambush. The Chief of Staff was present and questioned each delegate on how many Christians they represented. The delegate from the UK representing a Nigerian based global denomination which is the largest in the world amounting to 500 million, explained that their churches were given a mandate to begin every service with prayer for Israel. “This lifts me from my depression,” said the weary Chief of Staff as he lit up with surprise and joy.

The three-day tour began in Kfar Aza, a kibbutz near the Gaza border devastated by the Hamas massacres on October 7. The group prayed for the release of more Israeli hostages while looking over into Gaza from the back gate of the kibbutz, which was breached by hundreds of terrorists on that dark day.

The visitors heard first-hand from Israelis whose loved ones were killed or kidnapped on October 7, toured the scenes of destruction, learned how the ICEJ is assisting with the war relief effort, and engaged with Israeli officials on how Christians can better stand with Israel in this time of crisis.

The delegates also visited Netiv HaAsara, close to the Erez Crossing into Gaza, and heard from regional security chief Amnon Ziv how special radio transmitters donated by ICEJ helped save thousands of Israeli lives on October 7. The ICEJ used the occasion to dedicate three new ATVs for the local security teams to fight fires and respond to threats.

The tour also included an audience with Israel’s new Foreign Minister Israel Katz, who warmly received the denominational leaders. Later that day, the group attended the 20th anniversary ceremony of the Knesset Christian Allies Caucus, which was addressed by eight Knesset members as well as ICEJ President Dr. Jürgen Bühler.

Mark shared an incident which in his mind seemed prophetic.

He offered to assist a wheelchair bound Israeli as they ascended a hill which turned out to be fairly taxing. Interestingly the man’s name was Ariel – Lion of God. And then he thought, Israel was ‘cut off at the knees’ on October 7, ‘paralysed’ by world opinion, and is facing an uphill struggle just now. With or without our help, Israel will reach the top of the hill! What a privilege to be of some assistance in her hour of need.

Click the link below to watch a report on this unique gathering from ICEJ President Dr. Jurgen Buehler. 

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