December Update: ICEJ and Operation Swords of Iron

Since war against Hamas was declared, ICEJ has provided generous financial assistance through Operation Swords of Iron, much of which is detailed in this report. ICEJ staff has also truly been the hands and feet of the global ICEJ family by giving hands on help which has greatly encouraged Israelis.

For FAMILIES, ICEJ has provided:

  • A delivery truck to distribute food packages to evacuated families as well as a second truck for food deliveries to disadvantaged families.
  • Respite accommodation for rest and respite which benefited some 450 evacuees, including new immigrants living near the Gaza Border and those hosted in temporary shelter from the southern communities.
  • Basic needs for evacuee children, including games, mattresses, first aid kits, and food. Plus 250 bags with toys packed and distributed to evacuated families from the northern border.
  • Educational support and equipment to set up temporary classrooms and helped establish ten classrooms.
  • Provided computers for evacuee families.
  • Printed books to help traumatized evacuated children with resilience. The books will be printed at the reopened Beeri Printing House which is helping them in the community’s rehabilitation.
  • Therapeutic activities and emotional support plus activities for some 980 evacuee children, some with disabilities.
  • Provided additional recreational activities, therapeutic and educational support for immigrant families affected by the crisis, yet who remain within their communities.


  • Food and water for 1st responders at the Gaza Border. Also, 140 Protective vests and helmets for Emergency 1st Responders
  • Support for emergency first response reserve units, which includes Druze members, with thermal clothing, tents, outdoor equipment, and other items.
  • Three ATV’s for Fire Fighting and equipment and special equipment for Emergency Response Teams.
  • Over a hundred Communication Devices and a communication tower for Sadot Negev.
  • Ten people in each Search and Rescue Team received equipment in the form of: bulletproof vests and helmets, search and recovery equipment, containment supplies for recovered remains, first aid, and medical intervention equipment.
  • A Military Ambulance for Beeri and two Life Support Ambulances. Plus, three Medi-Scooters, Medical Packs and defibrillators for Emergency First Response Teams.

ICEJ has participated in:

  • The packing of 11,800 food boxes for evacuated families and over 2,000 boxes of toiletries and basic needs for IDF soldiers.
  • Visiting wounded soldiers and others with gift bags and visited families of Kfar Aza, sitting shiva with them.
  • Helping with the harvest for farmers in southern area.
  • Providing emotional and physical support to elderly individuals and families during this crisis time through the Homecare Program.

ICEJ has assisted in TRAUMA RESPONSE by:

  • Strengthening medical teams:
  • Providing trauma training and support to 100 doctors and nurses in the periphery who are treating wounded Israelis (who are responsible for 5000 medical staff).
  • Providing emotional support and trauma therapy to evacuated teens and young adults at risk.
  • Has helped to establish a Trauma Centre in the north for IDF Veterans and others to help them cope with PTSD.

And more…

  • Ordered 7 protective shelters.
  • Contributed to renovations and repairs of 120 public underground shelters
  • The Home for Holocaust survivors in Haifa have received emergency food supplies. Extra mattresses, toiletries etc. and a backup generator.
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