A Renewed Wave of Aliyah to Israel

Raising a Banner for the Nations

Since our founding in 1980, the ICEJ has assisted more than 185,000 Jews, from over 50 nations, to come home to Israel. And despite the war, we are seeing a huge wave of Aliyah requests – a sharp increase in 2024. Jeremiah 16:15-16 declares the promise of God to bring back Israel’s children from all the lands where He exiled them. He said would send in the ‘fishermen’ to find them and indeed both Jewish and Christian organisations have been encouraging Jews to return to Israel while offering assistance. But He adds a rather grim strategy – He will send in the hunters. As we see antisemitism increasing in such alarming rates, the countries that were very comfortable are suddenly and shamefully, unsafe places for the Jewish population. Over 30,000 newcomers to Israel are expected in 2024.

French make Aliyah to Israel in 2024
Ethiopians make Aliyah to Israel in 2024
South Africans make Aliyah to Israel in 2024

“He will raise a banner for the nations and gather the exiles of Israel; he will assemble the scattered people of Judah from the four quarters of the earth.” Isaiah 11:12

God’s promise to bring His people home is also a sign to the nations, that His word is true and His set apart nation is here to stay. We have the privilege of being part of prophetic events. Click below to see the latest groups of immigrants helped by ICEJ.

Partner with us financially as we continue to bring more Jewish families home to Israel from all over the world, many as part of urgent rescue missions.

Never Again Is Now Rally - Melbourne

Melbourne showed her love & support for the Jewish peoples with fervor on Sunday! ICEJ representative Karen was overwhelmed by the positivity at the event. Here’s her reflections from the day:

“There was a wonderful atmosphere of love and joy among the 7,000 or so people gathered at the steps of Parliament House, Melbourne, on Sunday. The crowd was made up of a diverse group of people: Jewish, Christian, secular, Iranian, young and old. They came with a single message, ‘Push back the hate, mate.’ Hatred for any group based on religion, ethnicity or culture and especially antisemitism is both un-Australian and unacceptable in our community and society.

The Lord was faithful. We praise Him for the police presence keeping the rally safe. We praise him for the excellent speakers made up of politicians, indigenous representatives, Christian leaders from Australia and the nations, and others. We praise Him that just as the main meeting commenced the rain stopped and for most of the time the rain was kept at bay apart from a few brief, light sprinkles. The prophetic picture created by hundreds of green and yellow umbrellas all declaring, “Stop Hate, Mate” was unmistakable. Instead of hate, there was a canopy of God’s love over the event.”

The next Never Again Is Now event is in Brisbane on June 9th. Please join ICEJ in representing God’s light & love to the world at that event!

Photos supplied by the office of David Southwick MP & ICEJ representatives.


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ICEJ Magazine

ICEJ’s Word From Jerusalem Magazine May-June edition is now out!

Click through to read some fantastic teachings, sobering & joyful updates from Israel, and a snapshot of what’s ahead in the coming months at ICEJ.

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