Petitions of Genocide Raised Against Israel

Defending Israel Against Petitions of Lies - Christians rally outside ICJ Email Banner

Defending Israel Against Petitions of Lies

Over 1,000 Christians gathered in The Hague on Thursday for a public march and rally to stand with Israel. Hearings opened in the International Court of Justice this morning in South Africa’s devious petition to have Israel charged with committing genocide in Gaza. Our Netherlands National Directors Jacob and Hennie Keegstra and other ICEJ supporters joined folks from Christians For Israel International, Christians in Defence of Israel, and other Christian and Jewish groups to stand with Israel against this false charge. 

“…he who touches you touches the apple of His eye.” Zechariah 2:8  

For a fascinating insight into the background of how the country of South Africa has decided to bring the appalling charge of genocide against Israel to the International Court of Justice, read here… 

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As antisemitism continues to rise across the globe, more and more Jews are considering returning to their ancestral homeland of Israel. Already since that dark day last October 7th, more than 4,000 Jewish olim (newcomers) have arrived in Israel on Aliyah.

As we start the new year, the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem stands committed not only to helping with war relief efforts here in the Land of Israel, but just as importantly to bringing home as many Jewish immigrants as possible. In fact, our Aliyah efforts for 2024 are already underway in the form of winter Aliyah camps for Jewish youths which we sponsored last week in the Baltic states.

Thank you for supporting the prophetic call of the Jewish people to return to their biblical homeland. Please continue to give generously to our Aliyah efforts.


This year’s Envision Conference is Monday 29 January – Thursday 1 February 

It is important to show Israel that she is not alone in the war against Hamas and the spiritual battle. Be encouraged in your support through:

  • Engaging speakers presenting the strategic, historic, biblical and moral issues involved in this conflict. 

  • Updates about exciting spiritual developments in Israel.  

If you are  attending in person, we will take you securely to areas of Israel most impacted by the current war (both to the Gaza envelope and in the north) for you to gain your own first-hand impressions of the atrocities and developments. 

REGISTER BELOW from just $35 USD for on-demand teaching content:

Our friends at ACL have put together a petition to send a strong message to our Government and leading authorities that we are not OK with the outbreak of hate towards the Jewish people in our nation. Show your support by signing the petition.

Keep yourself informed with the latest updates about what’s going on in Israel & Gaza through our Webinars.


This week we IDF Spokesman, LT. COL Jonathan Conricus addressing the question “Is Hamas Defeated In Gaza?”. Stay informed and understand better the truth of all that is unfolding in the war against Israel.

Shabbat Shalom,

Sarah Way

ICEJ Australia National Director

Sarah Way ICEJ Australia National Director
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