Australia Day and International Holocaust Remembrance Day

Yad Veshem- International Holocaust Remembrance Day


Remember The Holocaust And Say Never Again!

As we celebrate Australia Day today, we firstly want to recognise the incredible contribution the Jewish community, the nation of Israel, and that Gods word has had on this great nation.

We also acknowledge the unbelievable rise of antisemitism incidents in Australia since October 7. Racism, threats and violence towards any community including the Jewish community at this difficult time is not only un-Australian but cuts to the heart of our Judeo-Christian values.

The memory of the holocaust, nearly 80 years ago, led to a determination of ‘never again’ in the mind in the Jewish nation. But, on October 7, ‘never again’ happened. Many aging holocaust survivors are experiencing shock and fear as antisemitism, discrimination, false accusations, and blood libels, appear in media, and on streets, across the world. Even more dismaying, is the silence of institutions, including church leaders in the face of Jew hatred. This time millions of Christians are thankfully standing for Israel and the Jewish people and this year’s International Holocaust Day is a good time to remember their pain of past and present suffering.


ICEJ has a historic partnership with Yad Vashem (World Holocaust Centre for Education) and co-founded the Christian Desk of Yad Vashem to Educate Christians leaders, honour the victims and ensure the Church Never Forgets.

Tomorrow, the 27th of January, has been set as a date in the world’s calendar to remember the genocide known as the Holocaust or in Hebrew, the Shoah. 


Send a prayer, attend a public event, write to the Jewish Community or please consider donating to our Holocaust Survivor Home or Advocacy work. 


Yesterday the 25th, was Tu B’shevat, the New Year for trees according to Jewish tradition.  It was forbidden by God to harvest a fruit tree until its fourth year (Leviticus 19:23), so a fixed time was set for the birthday of all fruit trees. 


Across Israel, schools, community groups and individuals take part in what has become a joyous tree planting day. This year, groups and individuals have planted trees in memory of loved ones murdered on Oct 7, or fallen in the current war that followed. It is a poignant symbol of renewal and hope. Many of these trees were Australian Eucalyptus… How precious to know this on Australia Day! 


You can help plant trees and restore a special part of the Be’eri forest – this initiative takes on a whole new dimension since Oct 7 massacre that was just nearby.

Shabbat Shalom,

Sarah Way

ICEJ Australia National Director

Sarah Way ICEJ Australia National Director
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