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Holocaust Remembrance Day

Miriam’s beautiful smile and the loving way she greets visitors to the Haifa Home for Holocaust survivors, doesn’t hint of the nightmare in which she lived throughout her teenage years.

When the Nazis invaded her town shortly after the war started, 15 year old Miriam was assigned to work in a group of young girls clearing snow and stones off a field outside the town, only to be ordered to put the stones back in the same place the next day. Anyone not working hard enough in the eyes of the Nazis was ruthlessly beaten.

During the freezing winter of 1939, Miriam’s family lived on a makeshift straw floor out in the street in a Ghetto. She saw her grandmother and 5 year old sister deported to Chelmno, a death camp. Later, her eleven year-old brother was sent to work in Germany. She would never see them again. She watched as further deportations to the camps separated mothers and young children by brutal force, beaten if they would not comply; scenes of wailing and sobbing that she says she will never be able to forget. The ghettos were places of starvation, sickness and constant death then, from ghetto life in 1944 Miriam was transported to Auschwitz-Birkenau, a place, which she tells is impossible to put into words. Both the initial chaos on arrival and the ensuing months surrounded by death are beyond the realm of human language, she says.


After liberation in spring 1945, Miriam began her journey to Palestine on a boat in which conditions were tough but with the hope of arriving to a Jewish homeland, Miriam says these difficulties did not bother her.


Her family apart from one sibling, were murdered. They, and other the victims of the Holocaust, and other murdered heroes will be remembered by Israel 5th and 6th of May.


Survivors are lovingly cared for in the Haifa Assisted Living Home for Holocaust Survivors. ICEJ supports not only financially but with dedicated volunteers. Please give generously to honour these survivors.

Holocaust Remembrance Day Ceremony

On Sunday night, Israel hosted a Holocaust Remembrance Day opening ceremony via live broadcast. Please watch this recap of the ceremony which was held in the presence of the President of the State of Israel and the Prime Minister, dignitaries and Holocaust survivors.

We hope you are enriched by watching ‘A Lost World: The Destruction of the Jewish Communities’

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We encourage you to stay updated in trustworthy and rich information about what’s going on in and around Israel currently. This week’s Current Affair’s teaching is all about ‘Inside Hamas.’

ICEJ Vice President David Parsons will host alongside special guest Pinchas Inbari – an Israeli expert on Arab Affairs.

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