Saluting Our Brave ANZACs

ANZAC Day Red Poppy

Lest We Forget Our Brave Anzacs

Today the Australian and New Zealand nations will honour their service men and women who served and gave their lives in war. On far flung battlefields, the ANZACS proved their courage and earned respect of all.   

“Greater love has no one than this, than to lay down one’s life for his friends.” John 15:13 

A never to be forgotten story of ANZAC bravery comes from the dust and heat of Gaza in October 1917. The mounted New Zealander infantry took a strategic Turkish position which opened the possibility of taking Beersheva and its important and desperately needed water wells. That epic charge that against all odds took control of the town, was not only the last great cavalry charge in military history but a miracle! The courage of the riders and their horses broke through the buttress of the Ottoman Empire and released the Land of Israel to await its rightful inhabitants.   Eventually, this victory led to the restoration of the Land of Israel.  

Indigenous soldiers 
Even though they weren’t even recognised as citizens in their own country, more than 1000 indigenous soldiers managed to sign up to serve with Australian forces in World War I with many taking part in the battle for Beersheba, as well as later battles that paved the way for the fulfilment of prophecy in the Holy Land. 

icej tim hall painting beersheeba battle charge light horse aid sarah way 2023

The return of the Jewish people was set in motion on this momentous day in 1917. Writer, Artist and Evangelist Pastor Tim Hall great uncle, Major General George James Rankin (DSO and Bar), was second in command of those 800 men. Tim captured this moment in his specially commissioned artwork for ICEJ.  

You can own your limited edition print today. All proceeds going towards bomb shelters and critical Aid and trauma relief work in Israel. 

Ps. Tim is one of Australia’s leading evangelists, ministered extensively throughout the world. ICEJ Australia is honoured to have Tim serve as a Board Director.  

Own Your Own Piece Of History

These limited-edition prints represent God’s Faithful Hand over His people and His Land and the miraculous Victory at Beersheba, where the youngest nation fought for the oldest nation, against all odds.  

This painting serves as a reminder of the amazing victories that the Jewish people have attained since….. INCLUDING a few weeks ago the world witnessed Israel’s perfect deliverance from the largest bombardment of missiles a country has received! 

May this inspire our courageous prayers as we take a stand for Israel and practically support  With sale proceed going towards critical Aid and relief in Israel.  

SALE ends soon so be quick to secure your print.

ICEJ Events

We have a number of opportunities for you to stand in events just like these in support of Israel. Visit our website to for the latest solidarity events in Melbourne, Brisbane & Perth.

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