I have set watchmen on your wall directors update ICEJ Sarah Way 2023 israel war prayer

“I have set watchmen on your walls, O Jerusalem;
They shall never hold their peace day or night.”

Isaiah 62:6

As the war against Hamas continues into a second month, ICEJ Australia continues to grieve with the heartbroken people of Israel.

  • Please see links below where you can join in ongoing vital prayer for the IDF, the kidnapped, and the people of Gaza.

  • If you live in or near Sydney, see below how you can make a stand this Sunday. ICEJ are honoured to be speaking at this event. And don’t forget the webinars that will inform you of the different aspects of this battle.

  • Read now how ICEJ aid projects are touching communities and precious holocaust survivors

Holocaust Survivors:

The news of the October 7 terror attack sent shock waves through the ICEJ’s Haifa Home for Holocaust survivors, as scenes reminiscent of the Nazi genocide against the Jews suddenly appeared live on their TV screens.

For some residents the fear became palpable, while others who had served in the army or police force in their younger days went into protective mode, ready to guard the home against any potential terror threat that might creep into the neighbourhood. Click below to read how ICEJ is standing with them…

Homecare comfort:
 An ICEJ Homecare Nurse recently reflected on how this current crisis has impacted a couple in her care:

“In Jerusalem, I regularly visit a Jewish couple who survived the Second World War in a ghetto. Last year, they escaped the horrific battle for Mariupol in Ukraine, fleeing their home as rockets hit their apartment building. In their 80s, they had to climb down a ladder from the second floor. After a long, dangerous three-week trek, they made Aliyah via Hungary to Israel with their two daughters, leaving behind a son-in-law and grandson. They suffered from grief and loss of all their treasured belongings. When I recently visited them, she held up three fingers, saying: ‘This is the third war we are in and this time we have nowhere to go.’ Still, they were finding strength and hope in the God of Israel.”

ICEJ-Donated Radios Saved Thousands of Israeli Lives:
When waves of Hamas terrorists breached the border fence and slaughtered over 1,200 Israelis on October 7, there were four Israeli communities just north of Gaza who managed to fend off the attackers and avoid the carnage which befell other nearby farming villages.

According to Amnon Ziv, security chief for the Hof Ashkelon region, it was special communication equipment donated last year by the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem which helped save the lives of over 3,000 local residents under his watch during the widespread massacre that day. Click below to read how these lives were saved…

Several ICEJ Team members and supporters attended the Oceania Ends of the Earth Conference in Fiji last week.


Click below to hear the challenging and timely messages in the stream of the first day of the spirit-filled conference


For great impact, call 03 8001 6001 or email to receive our template letters to voice your concern for, Pro-Hamas rallies, UN Vote, hostage release tailored to:
–    MP’s, Senators & State Premiers 
–    Church Leadership and Pastors 

And here is the quick link to send to YOUR local MP:

We can also send you our Church Media Pack with information on how your community can support Israel, including our Aid and Relief work in the Holy Land.


Israel’s Greatest Weapon is PRAYER!

ICEJ is conducting a Global 24/7 Prayer watch for Israel. The Australian Weekly Prayer watch times are:

–  Tuesdays 12-1pm AEDT

Wednesdays 8-9pm AEDT (Praise & Worship)


Please join us! If your Church or prayer Group would like to book a one-hour timeslot please email


Click the link below to join the Zoom meeting in your preferred timeslot.

The November/December issue of the Word From Jerusalem Magazine is now LIVE on our website!

Read through this edition to enlighten and inform your prayers.


We want to express a HUGE thank you and praise God for the overwhelming response to comfort God’s people in this critical time. Director of Aid Department Nicole Yoder and ICEJ Leadership expressed their deep gratitude to so many generous Australians. You have allowed us to touch the lives of so many.

Help us continue to bring much needed emergency relief and urgent humanitarian aid in the following areas:

•    Food and basic provisions for evacuated Israeli families
•    Temporary shelters /tents 
•    Bullet-proof vests & helmets to volunteers in first-responder teams
•    Portable bomb shelters 
•    Donating ambulances and other emergency medical equipment
•    Funding trauma therapies for Israeli families

We are on the frontlines of this battle on your behalf! Please give generously today

This week’s Current Affairs Webinar is all about ‘Israel’s Multi-Front War’. It’s hosted by David Parsons ICEJ VP and Spokesperson, featuring Amir Avivi IDF Brig. General and founder of IDSF.

Purchase your piece of history today to inspire your bold prayer life, knowing all proceeds go towards Aid relief and bomb shelters.

Click below to support Israel now

Shabbat Shalom,

Sarah Way

ICEJ Australia National Director

Sarah Way ICEJ Australia National Director
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