Standing at the Gateway 🛤️

Man walking to open gateway to a light filled place

“Likewise the people of the land shall worship at the entrance to this gateway before the LORD on the Sabbaths and the New Moons.” Ezekiel 46:3

Within the Book of Ezekiel, there are elaborate and detailed descriptions of the prophet’s vision of the temple. Among the mentions of courts and carvings, of lengths and widths and of altars and sacrifices, there are a lot of references to gateways.


While gates speak of security, gateways lead to somewhere, and often offer a choice of whether we go through or not. We stand at the gateway of the new year of 2024, and as we step into a year of ongoing conflict and uncertainty, we do well to remember that the Word of God is a light to our particular path, according to Ps 119:105. At the entrance to this gateway, offering our worship to the God of Israel ensures our submission and dependence on Him in the coming days.


Please don’t forget:

With hostages still in the evil hands of Hamas and the toll rising of fallen IDF soldiers, we urge you to continue to pray. To join with the ICEJ family through 24/7 prayer around the globe, see details below. Click below to read more about the Spiritual battle and focus your prayers for Israel.

Pray With Us

Israel’s war effort continues through 24/7 prayer around the globe!

There are two ways you can connect with the Prayer teams:

1. Daily Global meeting at 1am AEDT


2. WEEKLY Australian watch continues throughout January on Tuesdays from 12pm-1pm and Wednesdays from 8am-9am AEDT


Please join us! Click the link below to join the Zoom meetings, check out our prayer points, and our other prayer initiatives ⬇️

Shabbat Shalom,

Sarah Way

ICEJ Australia National Director

Sarah Way ICEJ Australia National Director
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