Israel in Crisis – 178 Bomb Shelters… and Counting

ICEJ Bomb shelters aid Israel 2023

Our long-standing unwavering support to protect vulnerable communities in times of crisis continues with ICEJ delivering over 178 Bomb Shelters. The Muslim holy month of Ramadan can be potential accelerant for violence, and Israeli defence and security forces will be on high alert during the coming weeks. Please pray and give generously to vulnerable border communities.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu:

“I came here to thank you for your support in our great endeavor. It has been consistent. It has been unreserved…it has been very, very effective. The State of Israel is stronger because of your support.”

ICEJ Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu 2023 Bomb Shelter aid

A vital contribution over the past decade or so has been the placement of dozens of mobile bomb shelters in communities along the Gaza border. The border communities have been repeatedly battered by Hamas rocket barrages from Gaza. ICEJ has donated these important bomb shelters to schools, day-care centres, medical clinics, youth centres, community halls, university campuses, factories, and other public places. The shelters enable essential facilities to stay open even during times of crisis because of having adequate protection from missiles. 


Bless Israel by saving lives with our portable BOMB SHELTERS:

Please ensure you designate to ‘ICEJ Aid’ (not tax deductible)


Our Tax Deductible giving fund. Please ensure you designate to ‘ICEJ Israel in Crisis fund’

Thank you for prayerfully considering Blessing Israel by saving lives and allowing communities to live in peace.

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