Jewish Immigration to Israel Growing Ever More Urgent!

Riots in the streets of Paris burning 2023 ICEJ aliyah

Over the coming weeks and months, the ICEJ will be engaged in pre-Aliyah activities, ground transportation, rescue flights and urgent integration of Jews from all these countries. We invite you to be a part of helping to regather these at-risk Jewish communities to Israel from all over the world. Please give towards the ICEJ’s urgent Aliyah efforts today!

The recent surge in Aliyah to Israel is still gaining momentum due to lingering and newly developing threats to Jewish communities in numerous countries worldwide, such as Russia, Ukraine, Ethiopia, India and now France. The International Christian Embassy Jerusalem is currently positioned to assist hundreds of Jewish families to reach safety in Israel, but we can do even more if additional Christians will respond generously to this urgent need.

Urgent! The Russian invasion of Ukraine last year has brought war and destruction to Ukrainian cities, while Russians are facing serious political and economic uncertainties. Russia’s chief rabbi already had to flee Moscow for refusing to back the war, and the Jewish Agency has been facing a stiff legal challenge to its ability to operate in the country. And now the recent attempted mutiny by the Wagner private militia has only heightened concerns that Russia’s Jews may soon be scapegoated for the mired war effort.

Urgent! There are currently hundreds of Jews from the Baltics as well as Ukrainian Jewish war refugees and even Russian Jewish emigres waiting to make Aliyah from this region. Our Aliyah work in Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia first started in 2010, and has expanded over the years with the able assistance of our Latvian national director Ilze Saulite, who has been involved in Aliyah efforts since soon after the Soviet Union fell in 1989. Last year, the Christian Embassy began sponsoring direct flights from the Baltic countries to Israel, and since then we have sponsored Aliyah flights for some 500 Jews coming via the Baltic route.

Ethiopian Aliyah 2023 ICEJ

Urgent! The Ethiopian Aliyah. Israel has resumed the latest phase of the “Operation Rock of Israel” airlift, with more flights bringing Ethiopian Jews home to the Promised Land. The situation there remains concerning, as violent Muslim clashes with Christian communities continue in the Gondar region, where many members of the last Jewish remnant in Ethiopia are located. The next ICEJ-sponsored flight is expected in mid-July, and we will have a team there to welcome them to the Land of Israel on your behalf. Hopes are that more flights will soon follow, and we want to remain part of the concluding chapter of this historic return of Ethiopian Jewry.

Urgent! The situation is only worsening for the Bnei Menashe community in the Manipur region of northeast India. This ancient tribe of Chinese Jews claim descent from the tribe of Manasseh, but they are now caught in the crossfire of a bitter ethnic conflict, as the predominant Hindu tribes in the area continue to riot and rampage against the Kuki minority – who are mostly Christian. Israel is hoping to bring a large group of Bnei Menashe to Israel in coming months, but the continuing unrest has made the planning process very difficult. Nonetheless, the ICEJ has been asked to help fund these Aliyah flights and we need your help to make it happen.

Bnei Menashe community in the Manipur region of northeast India ICEJ Aliyah 2023

Urgent! There have been unprecedented riots in the streets of Paris and other major French cities over recent days, as mainly Muslim youths burn and pillage in protest of the death of a Muslim teenager blamed on police. The nightly carnage in France appears to be five times worse than the mass riots of 2005. Although they are not yet being specifically targeted, the French Jewish community – numbering some 500,000 – is concerned for their safety for several reasons. First, there are many Sephardic Jews residing in the same neighbourhoods of Paris, Lyon, Marseille and other large French cities where Muslims from Algeria, Morocco and other North African countries live. Secondly, there is a troubling history of antisemitic attacks by these French Muslim immigrants against their Jewish neighbours. For these reasons, Israeli authorities fully expect a sharp rise in French Jews packing up and heading to Israel for their safety, and we need to be ready for that very real possibility.

Please Act Now! 

Whether it is the Russia-Ukraine conflict, ethnic and religious clashes in Ethiopia and India, or the rioting in France, now is the time for Christians to stand with the Jewish people by bringing these endangered Jews home to Israel as soon as possible.


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