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ICEJ provides protection for Israeli border towns with Bomb Shelters

The International Christian Embassy Jerusalem has donated nearly 200 portable bomb shelters to Israeli communities vulnerable to rocket fire from Gaza and Lebanon, with an increased focus on protecting civilians in the northern Galilee and Haifa regions.

The Lebanese border towns are prone to shorter range rockets that cannot be stopped by the Iron Dome system. This hilly, forested area contains a diverse mosaic of Jewish, Arab and Druze towns which are desperately looking for funding to better protect their communities.

ICEJ has also placed shelters in the Jewish and Arab farming villages in the Zevulun regional council just east of Haifa. These towns are close to oil storage tanks and chemical plants near Haifa Bay which Hizballah will likely target in any future conflict.

Let the frontline communities in Israel know that Christians in faraway Australia are thinking of them and consider a generous gift towards the ICEJ’s efforts to better protect Israelis living under the constant threat of rocket attacks.  With your help, lifesaving shelters from ICEJ Australia will be placed where most needed.

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