ICEJ Supports a Beacon of Hope for Broken Women

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ICEJ Aid Project Report

 Deep in the heart of Tel Aviv, a sunny and thriving Mediterranean city, many wounded women live in a parallel world of brothels and drug dealers. This is a place where merely existing is a daily struggle and many have fallen prey to prostitution, alcoholism, and drug abuse.

But situated in the toughest part of town is a centre that is a beacon of hope. Broken women are welcomed to come and find solace and feel cared for and valued. Just taking a shower, resting for a while, or having a haircut helps lift their spirits and restores their sense of dignity.

Between 20 to 30 women frequent the centre each day it is open. There are the regulars, and sometimes new women arrive, while others may suddenly disappear without explanation due to a stint in jail or – more hopefully – perhaps they have gone to a rehabilitation facility. For others, the grim reality on the streets has sadly cost them their lives.

The ICEJ truly appreciates the opportunity to sponsor this centre as a beacon of hope for broken women in Israel. “The team offers basic aid, a listening ear, and a safety net for women still on the streets. It isn’t easy to do, but the hope is to encourage the women to come out of the cycle of addiction or prostitution and start a new life,” explained Nicole Yoder, ICEJ Vice President for Aid and Aliyah.

Recently, the director, Anat Brenner, shared her hopes of maintaining connection with the women by developing a team who can visit those in jail or in rehabilitation centres.

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