Time for Action – Israel at War

by Dr Jürgen Bühler, ICEJ President

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During this current crisis in Israel, the church has arrived at a crossroad when it is not enough anymore to just say ‘We stand with Israel’ or ‘We love Israel.’ Action is needed!

By day 5, Israel had lost more than 1200 people, most of them civilians, and experienced over 3000 rockets. The full extent of the Hamas infiltration emerged as communities were secured by the IDF – entire communities massacred, over 150 people abducted to Gaza, rape and torture. Most of them women, children, old people but also a number of IDF soldiers. Scores of infants were murdered even decapitated.

Israel’s President Herzog said: “This was the worst day in Jewish history since the holocaust. It reminds us of the events of Yom Kippur war in 1973 especially as this attack happened on the day of the 50th anniversary of Yom Kippur war.

Israel mobilized ALL reserves as also on the northern border to Lebanon where the situation began escalate. In all the congregation across Israel, most young men and women below the age of 40 have been drafted into the Army including two of ICEJ President’s sons. Currently, well above 500 believers are serving in the IDF including in frontline commando units. Soldiers’ lives are lost on the battle field on a daily basis. Among them are five Messianic soldiers.

This attack is without doubt of demonic nature. It is a manifestation of the spirit of Amalek (Ex 17:8ff, Dt 25:17; 1Sa 30:3; Est 3:1-8). It is the time when the church is called to man our spiritual hill and join in battle in the same way as Moses, Aaron and Hur prayed on the hill while Joshuah was fighting on the ground! This is the time to call for an Esther fast to approach the throne of God for his beloved people.

Brothers and sisters, there was never a time when the global body of Messiah was more challenged to stand with Israel and its people then today. Our confessions of love and support will not do it anymore! It is the time of action!

ICEJ has been asked to assist in the evacuation of the entire communities around the Gaza Strip. The ICEJ is establishing temporal refuge centres around Jerusalem, to care refugees from communities around Gaza and the north. We help with providing instant food supply to those who are on flight. We provide help to those who lost everything as their houses were destroyed. We are in contact with messianic pastors in the region to assist the needy in their flocks. We also were approached by reserve units to provide essential food and cloth supply and even life protective vests.

Psalm 31:3, “O Israel, hope in the LORD from this time forth and forever.”

Please consider making a generous donation today to help protect & comfort Israel today, click here.

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