Finding the Light of God in Dark Times

Israel Jewish Family celebrating Hanukkah Lighting Menorah

Light Amidst the Darkness

With the current world events we are fronted with that have effected Israel and Israeli people all across the globe, it more important than ever that we are finding the light of God in these dark times and reflecting on the promises for His people.. 

On the evening of Thursday the 7th of December 2023, the first candle of Hanukkah was lit. This ‘Feast of Dedication’ reminds us of an enemy in history who stood against God’s people, defiling, and desecrating what God called holy – the Temple.

Three years later, on the very same day, the temple of God was rededicated & restored by the Maccabees.

The events that led to Hanukkah was a dark time in Jewish history, and during this year’s celebration, sadly, the same can still be said in our current circumstances. The events of October 7th are still fresh in our minds, and we still eagerly await the release of over 130 hostages.

But, as a people of Faith, we believe God will rededicate and restore, even in a time like this.

As we light these 44 candles over this 8-day period, may this ‘Festival of Lights ‘which it is also called, remind us that the light will always expel darkness. The darker it gets, the brighter we shine.

It was during this feast that Jesus was walking in the temple in John chapter 10 and during this time, chose to declare his divinity, telling them plainly, “I and the Father are one.”

Jesus is the light of Men, and the darkness of the enemy will not overcome. (John 1:4-5)

Learn more about the importance and the true relationship between Hanukkah and Christmas.


Throughout the heart wrenching current events we have all witnessed unfold in Israel, ICEJ continues to support and focus on bringing light into the darkness directed toward Israel and its people.

Dr Jurgen Buhler writes, ‘Israel is fighting for its existence and the Body of Messiah must show our support in practical ways as Israel confronts the dark forces of Hamas in Gaza. Please consider urging your Church to hold a special solidarity Sunday with an offering and prayers for Israel. We are on the frontlines for you.

Our leaders and staff of our Head Quarters in Israel are sharing the tension, the risks, the sadness and huge effort for the war against Hamas. Pray for them and give thanks to the LORD for the generous spirit of the worldwide ICEJ family. We have been active in giving and hands on assistance, click below to see how your dentations have comforted many lives.

We have gathered a collection of topical prayer points for you to bring into your own personal prayer life based around the needs of Israel, the Nations and the teams of ICEJ. Find these along with a number of other important articles and information on our website!

Stay up to date with all that is happening in ICEJ and the War in Israel with our latest videos on Youtube.


Israel’s Greatest Weapon is PRAYER!

Join with us and many others as ICEJ pray for Israel LIVE across the world. There are a number of times you can join us to suit your schedule.

Alternatively, if your Church or prayer group would like to book a one-hour time slot please email


Check out the latest edition of the Word From Jerusalem.

Read through this edition to enlighten and inform your prayers.


Help us continue to bring much needed emergency relief and urgent humanitarian aid in the following areas:

•    Food and basic provisions for evacuated Israeli families
•    Temporary shelters /tents 
•    Bullet-proof vests & helmets to volunteers in first-responder teams
•    Portable bomb shelters 
•    Donating ambulances and other emergency medical equipment
•    Funding trauma therapies for Israeli families

We are on the frontlines of this battle on your behalf! Please give generously today

Shabbat Shalom,

Sarah Way

ICEJ Australia National Director

Sarah Way ICEJ Australia National Director
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